The increasing demand for high-performance memory devices across a variety of end markets provides a substantial opportunity for a focused supplier of high-performance memory integrated circuits, such as ISSI. Key elements of our strategy to capitalize on this opportunity are:

Build Collaborative Relationships with Leading Edge Foundries. We work in a highly collaborative mode with our principal wafer foundries to develop leading edge process technology and to gain more secure access to wafer capacity during industry up cycles.

Commit to Being a Long-Term Supplier of our Products. Our fabless sourcing model allows us to accommodate smaller volume product runs and provide a source of long-term supply for our customers' needs.

Continue to Develop and Offer High Performance Products. We work with our customers to identify the memory requirements of their next generation products and then focus our development efforts accordingly.

Expand our Asian-Based Development Teams Close to our Customers. We intend to continue to capitalize on our extensive experience in Asia by expanding our engineering development teams in Taiwan, Korea and China.

Further Penetrate Industry Leading Customers. We leverage our expertise in producing high-quality memory products to penetrate our target markets through industry leading accounts that we believe define the direction of future memory requirements.

Develop Selected Non-Memory Products for Key Markets. In order to increase product diversification and to offer products that are synergistic with our SRAM, DRAM, and Flash expertise, we are developing selected non-memory products for use in our key markets.

Company Summary

ISSI is headquartered in Milpitas, California, with worldwide offices in China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan and the U.S..


ISSI (Nasdaq: ISSI) was incorporated in October 1988 and completed its initial public offering in February 1995.